Bee Keeping


Why Keep Bees?

Our food sources depend on bees. Over 30% of the world’s crops are pollinated by them. Backyard beekeeping is great for bees because just like crops, diversity is key to maintaining hive health and bee conservation. Our Beekeeping section is in the Timber Frame, where we have everything but the bees! (Our freezer is fully stocked with Bee Patties. Be sure to keep some Pro Winter Patties on hand for those crazy, late winter days when temps start to rise above 50!)

For beginners and armchair bee keepers we have a nice selection of bee related books. For bee-loving gardeners we have guides for planting to attract pollinators. Mann Lake is our primary supplier for high quality hive components and bee keeping equipment. Check back soon for a listing of beekeeping classes and sources for purchasing bees.

Important Information about Bee Swarms

If you see a swarm, please report it. Locally you can call or text 413-345-1865 or send a message to Please don’t exterminate! Swarming honey bees are not dangerous they’re just looking for a new home. Art and Paige will come and safely move them to a new hive location. And they’ll share some honey with you for helping save the bees.