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Greenfield Farmers Cooperative Exchange Employees strive to bring a great selection of trees, shrubs, annuals perennial, herbs fruits and vegetable plants to our customers.  Every year, the demand for high quality food crops grows.  To us, this is a very encouraging sign that people are not only making more health conscious lifestyle decisions, but that we are also taking a look at where our food comes from,  as well as the economic  and cultural sustainability of our food production practices in general.

One can only truly appreciate the gratification of having provided their own sustenance after having contributed to the vigorous effort required to produce crops.  When you shop at Greenfield Farmers Cooperative Exchange, remember what we are about, and feel confident that you are supporting local farmers and enriching your own life by purchasing quality plants grown using sustainable practices.   Help us maintain our New England heritage of farm life, through hard work and thoughtful consideration for the environment as well as our neighbors.
We appreciate your desire to grow your own crops and we commend our friends who realize the value of teaching their children about the wonders of nature, the importance of hard work and the gift of growing food.   Whether its flower seeds or apple trees you are after, we are behind you 100% in your endeavors and will sell you quality plant material and provide you with sound advice pertaining to your project.   Please grow with us this season and be content knowing you haven’t selected GMO cops (genetically modified organisms) from box store corporations.  Growing your own food is more important than ever, and by choosing to support local farmers, you will be doing a world of good.
Thanks and hope to see you all soon!
Dee (GFCE Nursery manager)

Here’s some tentative dates when we expect plants to arrive
Violas – 3/5
Pansies – 4/1
Vegetables (cold tolerant varieties) – 4/1-4/15
Herbs – 4/1
Annuals – 4/15-5/1
Asparagus/strawberry roots – 5/1
Ornamental Trees/Shrubs/blueberries – 4/1
Fruit Trees/Roses – 4/15
Perennials – 4/15
Seed Potatoes – 4/20
Sweet Potato slips – 5/1

We also have many “How To” books for you.
Online, you can find lots of good information at

Here’s some of our suppliers for more information

Five Acre Farms               
Roseland Nursery         
The Plant Group          
Imperial Nurseries        
Griffin Greenhouse Supplies
Cavicchio Greenhouses 

Lotus Pottery               
Burley Clay Company    
Harvest Farm                

For the Lawn

Step programs, patching, insect and pest control, mowing, trimming, fertilizing, raking and more!

Whatever products you need for a healthy lawn, you will find them here!

You can always ask us questions!  If you’re looking for some good online information, check out  “Know How” at

Here are some of our vendors if you want to check them out!

Agway Greenlawn Products and Agway Grass Seed
Scotts Lawn and Garden Products
Bonide Chemicals    
Ortho Chemicals  


Here’s an article from our local paper, The Greenfield Recorder about Dee, our wonderful Nursery Manager,

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