For Your Pets

We have AISLES of items for your dogs, cats, and other pets, including mini pigs and reptiles!  All the supplies, equipment and nutritional choices you want.  Dog houses, bunny hutches, chicken coops, fencing and training aids, too. Check out the freezer for bones, raw food and more. Your pets are always welcome to visit (on a leash) and we have yummy treats for them!

Here’s a partial list of our pet food vendors so you can see the MANY brands we have…We’ve included links to their websites if you want more information, there are endless brands to choose from! You’re always welcome to talk with our knowledgeable staff about what might be best for your pets. Be sure to ask about Frequent Buyer Programs available with many of the pet food brands we sell.

And LOTS and LOTS of toys:


Our resident cat Zoey

For cats, we also have toys, beds, scratching posts, climbing structures, catnip and cat grass.

Litter for cats

For Reptiles and Fish


some of our member raise and train dogs for the farm

Little Brook Farm – Sunderland – Kristen Whittle.  Sheep dog demonstrations,  Border Collie training

Denise Leonard – Greenfield  Working Border Collies – Herding demonstrations, Herding lessons  (413) 773-5232