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We have a full line of animal health products, halters and show supplies, plus poly and galvanized stock tanks and fencing.

We’re proud to offer a variety of feeds from:

Poulin Grain             www.poulingrain.com
Nutrena                 www.nutrenaworld.com
Plus organic cow feed

Want local milk?
Our Family Farms is a marketing co-op of local dairy farmers in Franklin and Hampshire Counties.
If you want to find out more about Our Family Farms milk,  visit www.ourfamilyfarms.com

Manning Hill Farm in Winchester, New Hampshire has milk that is pasteurized and bottled on the farm in reusable glass bottles and sold directly to local customers – Chocolate milk, too!
From Dutch Belted dairy cows.
Learn more at www.manninghillfarm.com

Mapleline Farm in Hadley has been owned and operated by the Kokoski family over 100 years.  The milk is pasteurized and bottled on the farm from their Jersey cows.

Learn more at www.maplelinefarm.com

wheelview-cows-to-printWant raw milk?

                                                                  Raw milk available from:

*   Chase Hill Farm, 74 Chase Hill Road Warwick
*   Upinngil – Main Road, Gill
*   Davenport Farm – 111 Tower Road, Shelburne
*   Hager Bros – 11 Merrifield Lane – Colrain
*   Bree-Z-Knoll – North County Road – Leyden
*   Bostrom Farm – 701 Colrain Road – Greenfield
*   Sidehill Farm – 58 Forget Road – Hawley
Check the Sidehill Farm website for a listing of where to buy their Yogurt made from grass-fed cows


Local cheese available from:

* Chase Hill Farm – 74 Chase Hill Road – Warwick.   www.chasehillfarm.com
* Upinngil     www.upinngil.com