Farm Supplies/Services


From a small farm to a major commercial operation, we’ve been supplying farms for 101  years! It’s what we do. If we don’t have it – we can help you find it!

Here are some of the vendors we use:

Tartergate – Farm implements/gates
Redbrand – Fence
JS Woodhouse – Farm equipment
Ken Bar – Plastic supplies
Seedway – Farm seed
King’s Agriseeds
Behlen Country


We offer many farm services through the store and many of our members have the machinery and the know-how that can help you get your farm job done right.

  • Bulk feed.  We sell Feed Commodities International, Blue Seal, Cargil and Green Mountain Organic Bulk Feeds.
  • We can also get lime and bulk fertilizer and we can get it spread for you.  We sell Carovail and Crop Production lime and fertilizer.  You can always find bagged fertilizer and lime at the store.
  • The CoOp sells Helena chemicals and Helena can spray your field for you.
  • We coordinate with the University of Massachusetts for soil testing.
  • If you have a problem with a fence charger, we look at it first and if we can’t fix it, we send it out to one of our members who will give you an assessment on whether it makes sense to replace it or have him fix it.
  • Many of our members are also members of the Northampton Cooperative Auction Association.  Livestock auctions are held every Tuesday in Whately.